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OR/CA Senior Bowling Tour

About OR/CA Senior Bowling Tour

The OR / CA SBT is a newly formed bowling organization for senior bowlers to provide scratch tournaments for senior bowlers, men 50 and older, and women 40 and over in the southern Oregon and northern California region. The scratch bowling club’s intent is to provide a fun, affordable, yet competitive environment for senior scratch bowlers in our area.

If you are interested in bowling any of our events, or if you are interested in being a sponsor to support our organization, please reach out to us by email, text message, or phone call.

August's Lava Lanes winner, Tony Cox

Please inquire about details if you are interested.

Check out the 2023 OR / CA SBT Schedule page to find information on future tournaments and the results of ones that have already been bowled.

Membership Requirements

Men must have reached their 50th birthday by the last day of the month that the tournament takes place. Women must have reached their 40th birthday by the same date. Tournaments are non-USBC sanctioned, but general playing rules will follow the rules of the USBC unless otherwise noted. Super Senior bowlers are classified as bowlers that will have reached 60 years of age by the above criteria, which makes them eligible for specific Super Senior awards.

We Have Some Sponsors